P I E R C E   C O L L E G E   A G S

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society | Pi Chapter

Here's How to Get Points:

Whenever you show up to ANY event where you have the potential to earn AGS points, be sure to SIGN IN. If you don't see the president, try asking a board member for the sign in sheet.

150 Service Points Must Be Completed Per Semester:
*A maximum of 30 points will be allotted to those who attend 6 general meetings
*A maximum of 40 points will be allotted to non-AGS activities, 10 points per hour
(Documentation must be submitted no later than 2 weeks after the specified event)
*You may earn your points in any combination you want! You do NOT need 40 points of outside activities or 30 points from general meetings for transcript recognition.

Some more information about points!

General members are required to complete a minimum of 150 points per semester to receive their transcript recognition. However, completing more points will increase chances of winning a scholarship. You do not need your own point sheet, but it can be nice to track your own points!